Five of the Most Expensive Private Jets

In the dawn of flying it was a dangerous and costly adventure that was experienced by very few. After WWII, aviation technology expanded and planes were manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. As the years have gone by, more and more people had access to flying. Now millions of passengers each year pack into the airports, then onto jets and fly all over the world. For the elite and rich, who were first able to enjoy this privilege, they moved themselves to First Class and now many have their own private jets.

For those with the money to invest in their own aircraft and crews they have the freedom and luxury to travel as they please. The list of celebrities and important figures who own jets is not entirely transparent, as privacy is often highly sought after, but here are five of the most expensive planes known to us at the moment.

The Boeing 747, which is familiar to all of us, is owned privately by several celebrities. A version of this plane is owned by Joseph Lau, a real estate investor based in Hong Kong. It is worth $153M. The space in the cabin allows any private owner to create a variety of different rooms. There is the Skylift area located above the main cabin and the opportunity to create personal suites, offices, a cinema and gym.


The jet owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is a 767-33A/ER, also known as the “Bandit“ due to its cockpit paint detail. The plane, which was originally meant to accommodate up to 300 passengers, could transfer a whole team from game to game with no trouble. The plane‘s interior is reported to be decorated using chestnut and gold. It is also said to feature a dining facility for 30 people and an anti-missile system to provide additional security.


Another 747 on our list belongs to the Sultan of Brunei and is said to be worth $233 million. The original price of the plane was around $100 million and the Sultan has spent in excess of another $100 million on renovating the interior. It is opulent in the extreme, with the most expensive luxury decorations. There is a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, and are all decorated with gold and crystal, featuring washbasins made out of solid gold.


The Airbus A340-300 is owned by Alisher Usmanov and is said to be worth $350-500 million. Billionaire Alisher Ashmanov has named the plane Boukhan. It is the largest private plane in Russia, even bigger than the President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin Il-96.


And at the top of our list, is the Airbus A380. It is owned by Prince Alawaleed bin Talal, a Saudi businessman and investor. The value is approximately $500M topping the list of most expensive private jet. This model of Airbus A380 performs a fly-by at the Singapore Airshow and is in service in many airline fleets across the globe. The double-deck A380 is the world’s largest commercial aircraft flying today. The plane belonging to the Prince is said to have a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a garage for a Rolls-Royce and even a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically rotate to face Mecca.


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