Private Jets of the Rich and Famous

There is no arguing that private jet travel is for the elite and wealthy. When the wealth and status is of a multi billionaire the private jets are often modified and look incredible!

Donald Trump owned a Boeing 727-23. The plane was originally operated by American Airlines and Trump had the 1968 vintage jet remodelled.


It now seats 23 people in pale leather air chairs that are adorned with gold plated seatbelt buckles. The interior was also decorated with oil paintings and crystal based lamps to really add to the opulence. The Trump logo that is painted on the side of the aircraft is made of 23 carat gold leaf and catches the light in a truly wealthy way!

Donald Trump trump2


Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football club, is Russian richest man. He has a Boeing 767 which is rumoured to be called “the Bandit”.  This 767 looks understated and slick on the outside, but its interior is reportedly decorated with chestnut and gold. The aircraft can often be spotted at Luton Airport some 40 miles north of London, where Abramovich spends much of his time

roman1 ab


Elvis Prestley owned a Convair 880 which he named Lisa Marie. This Convair 880 was customized with 28 seats instead of the usual 110. The tail of this preserved jet was painted with The King’s personal  logo. The interior of the jet was customized with plush sleeping quarters, a penthouse bedroom with a custom-made queen size bed, an executive bathroom with gold faucets and a gold washbasin, a videotape system linked to four TVs and a stereo system with fifty-two speakers, and a conference room finished in teak.


Richard Branson’s owns a Falcon 900EX. This is a French made, long range, ultra luxe corporate jet. The tail sports a blown up decal of Branson’s iris on the tail fin (the same, minus additional artistic work, done for Virgin Galactic). This incredible jet has a maximum cruising altitude of 36,000 feet, speed of mach 0.87 (662 mph). We can only imagine what sort of extravagances the Branson family has upgraded the aircraft with. The range and speed of the aircraft make it perfect for Branson, who frequently commutes from his home United Kingdom to his island in the Caribbean to business in Southern California. The aircraft itself is named Galactic Girl.

bransonMore incredible private jets can be seen at Highway Magazine.